About me

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Hello You guys!

I am Umut DERE From Turkey/Istanbul. I am 18 years old and a massive fan of Eurovision Song Contest. I like to listen Eurovision Songs. Generally, I prefer to listen slow and pop kind of music. I will come Czech Republic in middle of the October and I will work as a volunteer till 15 August. It will be my first time in Czech Republic. I am sure that I will have fun. I was going to tecnical high school. I had education about computer system and web programme. My university will begin when I come back to Turkey from Czech Republic.

My native language is Turkish. I can speak English in advanced level. I can also make conversation in spanish, german and greek language but as basic level. I hope everythings gonna be fine in Czech Republic.

Best Regards !
Na shledanou :)

About My City:

I am living in Istanbul. Istanbul is an amazing city in Europe. Istanbul is like a bridge between Europe and Asia. There are many traditional cases and foreign people (tourists) who are living and visiting to Istanbul. You must make a travel in Istanbul. Especially if you really wanna see many different cultures and warm weather, you should definitely see this impressive City. I am sure that you will see many common things here. For now, many kisses from Istanbul !

Güle güle :)  (Goodbye in Turkish )

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