2010–2011 – Pauline Renouf a Lusine Artenyan

Lusine Artenyan

11/4/2011 - 01/09/2011

Lusine díky své dobré znalosti ruštiny nabídla veřejnosti možnost konverzací v tomto jazyce. Mimo konverzace se také zapojila do všech prezentačních aktivit ICM Prostějov, především přípravou letáků, a také navrhla své vlastní - workshop Batik art a grafický kurz Snadná cesta k tvorbě letáků. Připravila také grafickou stránku příručky pro budoucí dobrovolníky EDS v Prostějově.

About me:

Ahoj Smile

My name is Lusine Artenyan. I am a 23 year old girl from Armenia. I am a very friendly, responsible, polite and honest person, open-minded to new ideas and influences and hobbies. I have an enquiring mind and curious character and so am eager to learn new things and am interested in the people around me. One of my biggest hobbies is handmade things: earrings, bracelets, cups, or souvenirs made from clay. I am currently studying at National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, for Master’s Degree. I am actually a mathematician by my profession, and have some programming experience.

I want to make myself useful in the world, and get new experiences of which I can learn and with which I can help others in need. I am very curious to other cultures and different ways of living, I think it is a challenge to learn to speak and communicate with a new language.

I am not afraid for a challenge and I look forward to a new adventure and am open for every new experience. .

About my country

Armenia is a landlocked mountainous country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe Armenia lies in the highlands surrounding the Biblical mountains of Ararat, Recent archeological studies have found the world's earliest leather shoe, skirt, and wine-producing facility , in Armenia, dated to about 4000 B.C. Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia and one of the world's oldest continuously-inhabited cities...

Republic square in Yerevan

Sasuntsi David statue and Yerevan train station

Sevanavank Monastery on the shore of Lake Sevan

Tatev Monastery

the statue of Mother Armenia in Yerevan

Yerevan and Mount Ararat

Pauline Renouf

9/9/2010 - 1/7/2011

Pauline navázala na tradici anglických konverzací a přidala k nim konverzace francouzské. Zúčastňovala se také besed se studenty o Evropské dobrovolné službě a připravila pro ně poutavou prezentaci o EDS, kde využila zkušenosti své i dalších účastníků, které během svého pobytu v ČR poznala. Pro SVČ Oáza připravila řadu workshopů jako výrobu gelových svíček nebo náušnic, a také možnost poznat francouzskou kulturu během akce Frankofonní týden. Pro návštěvníky akcí, na nichž se prezentovalo ICM Prostějov, si připravovala drobné aktivity jako např. křížovky a bramborová razítka. Společně s Lusine připravila příručku pro budoucí dobrovolníky EDS v Prostějově.

About me:

Ahoj !

My name is Pauline. I’m 22 and I’m French. I am at the moment preparing my coming in Czech Republic for 10 months. I will be a European volunteer in the association. This year will serve as a transition between my studies and my future path. I am eager to discover your country and culture and I am also willing to share about my experiences and my country of origin. To do so, I have already started learning basic Czech sentences. It is not easy but still, I hope I will be able to tell you a few words in Czech when I come!

I see myself as an open minded person, easy to talk to. I like travelling and getting to know people of different horizons. I show interests in European projects and in the mobility possibilities given to youth. I also love food, music and movies, etc!

Waiting to see you soon in Prostejov…


About my hometown

I grew up in a small town called Pontorson. It is very small (7 000 inhabitants) and calm but very well located. It is indeed situated between Brittany and Normandy region; in the North West part of France. It is not far from the sea and from bigger cities like Rennes or Caen, where I studied.

The City of Rennes

The City of Caen

Pontorson is also famous for being close to the Mont Saint Michel. The Mont Saint Michel is considered as the « Wonder of the Western World », it forms a tower in the heart of an immense bay invaded by the highest tides in Europe. UNESCO has classed the Mont Saint-Michel as a world heritage. It welcomes millions of tourists every year. Its environment, the bay, is really nice.

The Mont Saint Michel

Houses of the Mont Saint Michel

The bay of the Mont Saint Michel

De Pauline Renouf

Salut !

Je m’appelle Pauline, j’ai 22ans. Je prépare mon arrivée à Prostejov, prévue pour mi septembre. Je pars faire un service volontaire européen d’une durée de 10mois. Cette année est pour moi une transition entre mes études passées (sur le monde anglophones surtout) et l’avenir. Je commence doucement à apprendre la langue tchèque, ce n’est pas chose facile mais je ne lâche pas! J’ai envie d’apprendre la langue pour m’immerger plus facilement, découvrir le pays, la culture tchèque et échanger avec les habitants. Je me ferais aussi un plaisir de vous parler de la France ou d’autres choses…

J’ai hâte de faire votre connaissance !

A très bientôt,


De mon village

J’ai grandi à Pontorson, un petit village de 7000 habitants situé au Nord Ouest de la France, entre la région Bretagne et Normandie. Pontorson est à seulement 9kms du Mont Saint Michel. Le Mont Saint Michel est un petit îlot, construit au Moyen Age, qui abrite une abbaye. C’est dans la baie du Mont Saint Michel que l’on peut voir quelques unes des plus fortes marrées d’Europe. C’est un endroit très touristique. A environ une heure de route, on peut trouver deux villes étudiantes, Caen et Rennes, où j’ai fait mes études.