16/9/2009 - 20/8/2010
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Benjamin navázal na tradici německých konverzací a každou středu měl konverzaci pro veřejnost. Zúčastňoval se také besed se studenty o Evropské dobrovolné službě a připravil pro ně poutavou prezentaci o svém rodném městě – Drážďanech. Pro SVČ Oáza připravil modul internetového časopisu a pro ICM Prostějov připravoval celkovou změnu redakčního systému internetových stránek. Pro návštěvníky akcí, na nichž se prezentovalo ICM Prostějov, si připravoval drobné aktivity jako např. křížovky a žonglování.

About me:

Hey folks,
my name is Benjamin Rous and I am 19 years old.
Since I have been born in 1990 I was living in the German city Dresden which is located next to the Czech border. There I just finished my A-Level examination and enjoy now my free time before I will come to Prostejov in the middle of September for 12 months volunteer service.
I am a very spontaneous, always happy, open minded and flexible guy who loves to be around people, try out new things and to deal with technology in a creative way. Besides this I am addicted to music, like to do several kinds of sport and have a passion for good books, movies and traveling around.

About my hometown Dresden:

Dresden which is actually a very historical city is situated in the heart of the federal state Saxony on the river Elbe. Its a 500,000 inhabitants town with a lot of attractions, sights, (sub)culture and green areas. Over the time it became one of the most varied and amazing cities of Germany.

Dresden has a long history as the capital and royal residence for the Electors and Kings of Saxony, who for centuries furnished the city with cultural and artistic splendor. The city was completely destroyed by the Allied aerial bombing towards the end of World War II. The impact of the bombing, 40 years in the German Democratic Republic and contemporary city development have all completely changed the face of the city. Considerable restoration work has helped reconstruct some parts of historic Dresden, including the Dresden Frauenkirche and Katholische Hofkirche churches.

Nowadays, Dresden is an economical and cultural center with a lot of micro-chip industry, research centers and touristic attractions as well as an important city for students.
You should definitely come to visit once if you have the possibility!

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The oldtown of Dresden