20/10/2011 - 20/8/2012

Birgir po celý školní rok vedl anglickou konverzaci pro pokročilé, organizoval sportovní akce, učil děti i mládež žonglovat. Zapojil se také do prezentace ICM Prostějov na Burze škol v Prostějově, Setkání všech generací či Prostějovském veletrhu zábavy. Společně s Valentinou připravil a pomohl zrealizovat mezinárodní výměnu mládeže s názvem Multicultural Filmmaking, která proběhla 22. - 29. července 2012 na Velehradě.

About me :

My name is Birgir Freyr Gunnarsson and I’m 22 years old, I come from a cold country called Iceland and I lived there until I was 19 years old. I lived in a small town named Saudarkrókur which is an old fishing town and there are only living about 3000 people there. When I lived on Iceland I was in school where I studied sociology and sports in high school (16-19 years old), and then I worked at various places during the summer, for example construction work and cleaning fish and making it ready to be shipped to the stores. The summer before I turned 19 I moved to Denmark to a town named Billund, Billund is also kind of a small town, there live about 6000 people there. The whole time I lived in Denmark I was working in a factory that makes signs and brochures out of paper, I mostly worked on a machine that cut signs out. Then last easter I decided that I wanted to do something else, something new and exciting and then I heard of the EVS volunteer programs. I started to check some projects out and coming here to Prostejov looked quite exciting, and so far it’s meeting its expectations. I almost speak no Czech yet but hope I will learn it quick to be able to communicate better.

Hobbies and Interests :

I like sports a lot and although I’m not good at a lot of them I like to try new sports and just have fun. I like watching football and basketball and I’m planning to see some basketball games here in Prostejov since I’ve heard the team is quite good. I also like going to the cinema and seeing some new movies, then music and going to pubs is quite fun too.

About Saudarkrokur and Billund :

Saudarkrokur is one of the oldest town in Iceland, most of the old towns are fishing towns just like Saudarkrokur. In the town there are some activities, like a cinema, youth center and you can always go fishing in the sea or nearby rivers, and there‘s almost everything you need to do any sport.

Billund is the hometown of the lego corporation, and therefor there’s no surprise that they’ve got a theme park called Legoland, the first Legoland that was built.

Billund is a small town that’s known all throughout Denmark for its Lego production and their theme park Legoland which was built in association with the Lego Company. Now the Lego factories and Legoland are not connected, some rich guys bought Legoland and therefor separated it from the Lego production.

Billund also has a lot of activities but not a cinema. They’ve got a water theme park called Lalandia where you can ride some water rollercoasters, there’s also bowling and a ton of sport relative activities.


Kde píší o Birgirovi a jeho aktivitách:

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