12/11/2012 - 22/08/2013

Lina vedla během svého působení v ICM Prostějov Anglickou konverzaci pro začátečníky a skupinu zájemců o ruskou konverzaci. Vypomáhala s focením akcí a zapojila se také do prezentace ICM Prostějov např. na festivalu STARTFest a Setkání všech generací. Sama připravila Arménský podvečer, veřejnosti nabízela nejen lekce fotografování, ale také možnost nechat se vyfotit. Každý měsíc přispívala svými články do anglického zpravodaje E-VoiceS a aktivně se starala o Facebookovou stránku ICM.


So let me introduce myself Smile

Hello to everybody! Smile

I'm a pretty cheerful easy-going person full of vital energy and have a great portion of power, motivation and enthusiasm. I'm communicative and rather natural, like getting new experience and meeting new people. I’m fond of learning something new. So I keep challenging myself to learn new things. I am a very positive person; I have a great sense of humor.

I would like to use my skills and experience at best by working among people of different nationalities and culture backgrounds. I shall broaden my perspective and contribute to my personal development by expanding my abilities and widening my experience in a variety of working disciplines. I consider it is a challenge and great opportunity to contribute to the development of the society and, why not, explore and identify ways of improving myself.

I am very interested in Czech language and eager to learn by communicating with native speakers thanks to which I shall be able to learn Czech in the short period of time.

I am a person with many interests and hobbies. Firstly I would like to mention that I have recently taken up photography and now I realize that it is more for me than just a hobby. I just fell in love with it. Smile I take photos with great pleasure and feel charge of energy during the work process.

During the weekend I usually go on excursions exploring beautiful corners of my country. Let me note that Armenia is a small country, but there are thousands of sights, each uniquely impressive and memorable. However, anyone who visits Armenia will forever remember the most majestic and noble scene in the world, the fabulous view of Holy Mount Ararat.

Holy Mount Ararat

The Bible states: "And on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mount Ararat." (Genesis, 8:4). During the Great flood, after floating on waters for 150 days, Noah's ark parked on Mount Ararat, and on this very day, the human race was granted a second birth in Armenia: on Mount Ararat. This very fact makes both Ararat and Armenia a holy place.

One of the most memorable churches is the Khor Virap which is an Armenian Apostolic Church monastery. Khor Virap is the monastery where Grigor Lusavorich, later known as Saint Gregory the Illuminator, was imprisoned for 13 years by pagan Armenian King Tiridates III for preaching Christianity. Armenia became the first nation to declare Christianity as its state religion in 301 AD. The Saint is believed to have been kept there without food. A legend says an old widow brought him bread for 13 years in a row. The monastery has been rebuilt many times but it still preserves the breath of all those centuries.

Khor Virap

The highest peak of the Republic of Armenia is the Mount Aragats (4095 m). This four-peaked giant is the most favorite mountain of climbers. On the way to the southern peak, the best stop is at Kari Lich (Stone Lake), which is at the height of 3250m. On the top, one opens the most attractive scene: the silhouette of green valleys from one side, the eternal snow and silver lakes from other sides and the Biblical Mount Ararat far in the fog of Ararat Valley.

Me On the Top of Mount Aragats in August, 2011

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  • Lina poskytla svůj první rozhovor pro česká média, a to pro redakci iProstejov.cz - přečtěte si, co všechno o sobě prozradila.