A seed doesn't know what it will be and wouldn't believe it is going to be a flower. Its way is long and maybe it is better to avoid this way because nothing is guaranteed and there is a lot of danger and risk. The seed is safe in its shell.

Finally the seed gets the strength and confidence to start its way. It leaves the shell and moves out.
So the fight with soil, stones and rocks starts.

The seed is hard however its bud is very fragile and a lot of various dangers threaten it. For the seed it is safe if it doesn't leave the shell, it would stay there for years.

The bud starts to find light, maybe it doesn't know how and why but it tries. The seed has a dream (to be a flower) and it has to suffer in order to get it.

Human beings have a similar way which is difficult! They need to be brave! When we are in a difficult situation, there are two possibilities how to react:
Either we get angry and find something or somebody to blame or we try to survive and improve the things.

The flower shows us the way, it comes out from darkness to light and gets its goal.

Life has no meaning if you run away and don't fight with difficulties and if you don't accept the reality.
If the seed wants to be a flower, it should overcome difficulties.

If you want it, you must be brave and take risk.


The translation: Fershteh Ezzatian